Waiting to Ovulate… ZZZzzzzz

Quick update.

This fertility journey requires tremendous patience and a lot of waiting.  My 2014 begins with waiting to ovulate.

Today is cycle day 21.  Guess what?  My basal body temperature has not risen.  No confirmed ovulation.  In fact, my BBT has been very low, way lower than usual.  Yesterday’s was 96.5.  It’s usually above 97 before ovulation.  I thought that the thermometer was broken so I went ahead and changed the battery.  Today’s temperature was 96.7.  Still no O.  For someone who usually ovulates on day 13 or 14, this is like missing a flight and waiting at the terminal for another plane that may or may not have room for a standby passenger.  

I usually don’t spot mid-cycle.  The one and only time I had mid-cycle bleeding was exactly one year ago.  In that cycle, ovulation occurred on cycle day 29.  My cycles are usually 25 days to 28 days.  Not ovulating until day 29 felt like an eternity.  Currently, no sign of ovulation on cycle day 21 also feels like time is standing still and not moving.  I wonder if the mid-cycle bleeding I had from cycle day 12 to cycle day 14 was due to the cyst.  There is no way of knowing.   

This is a little bit frustrating.  Natural conception or the next IVF cycle will not happen until this body decides to release an egg or to just go directly to breakthrough bleeding.  

Plus, BD every other day gets a little…. tiring.  I am sure Bob will agree with me.  

Back to waiting……


17 thoughts on “Waiting to Ovulate… ZZZzzzzz

  1. Ugh, waiting to ovulate is the worst. The limbo is exhausting, and the BDing marathons get old fast. Thinking of you and hoping you see that temp spike soon!


  2. While reading your story I was frustrated with you. I have PCOS and never show signs of ovulating; therefore the every other day marathons are what I have to do and my cycles usually last up to 48 or more days…that’s a lot of BDing. lol!! But when I was reading about your temp not changing, etc. I was reminded of a verse in my devotional today that said, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to the his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20
    Don’t lose heart and or be discouraged that despite what you can see going on in your body, God can change it in an instant. The more extreme our circumstances look, the more likely we are to see His power work in our situation. I’m praying for this to be your cycle of natural conception 🙂



    • I totally feel for your for the elusive O. 48 or more days is just torturing. Thanks for the verse in Ephesians! What a great reminder. And the perspective of seeing God’s power work in our extreme circumstances is spot on. Thank you!


  3. This is so horrible. AF always knows just how to screw with you. But I have to laugh just a little bit at the BD every other day thing…we used to do that and it became such a chore, not fun at all! Hopefully your body starts cooperating soon.


  4. Is it possible you had a very weak ovulation early on and missed it? I’m DOR as well (FSH well into the 20s when tested last like 2 yrs ago.) I sometimes O very early-like CD7- and never get a temp shift. Maybe ask for a p4 test so you don’t drive yourself crazy(ier). Waiting to cycle is torture!


    • It could be entirely possible for an early O. I always get a temp shift tho, although there is always a possibility for a first for something. I decided not to get stressed out about it. I am hoping for a temp shift in the next couple of days since I had EWCM yesterday and my cervix was high and soft. But who knows about the body at this point. Thanks for the suggestion!


  5. Icky. I hope this is coming to an end soon…although there is surely nothing more wonderful than planned BD with the man every other day 😉 Seriously, though, thinking of you and hoping that biology will actually start being cooperative!


  6. Ugh, right there with you except that I forgot to temp this cycle, so while the pee sticks have shown me their smiley face, I think my body is screwing with me. And the timed BD just gets so old after a while, doesn’t it? It is all so, so tiring…


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