Presents and Exchanges

Here I am on the first day of my two-week break.  I just woke up and am in a very good mood.  We are going out with my mom to get some dim sum today.  It just feels like I can finally relax and not think much about the next cycle or what not because really, there is nothing much I can do in these two weeks.

Thanks to the lovely ladies in this blogging community, I have in my possession two lovely things that were sent by two lovely bloggers.  The first one is the sock exchange.  The sweet Mrs. Lost forwarded her super power to me in these very cool socks:


I was totally hoping that I could wear them to get some super power when I go to my first prenatal ultrasound.  Well, things didn’t quite happen the way *I* had planned.  But it’s okay.  I’ll power up next time when I get to my retrieval.  Thanks Mrs. Lost!  I hope that your little babies are nice and snug inside you!

Next, please take a look at my awesome hummingbird courtesy of Jennifer:



Isn’t this the most awesome hummingbird ever?  Jennifer also included a note that says: 

“I hope you find some joy when you look at this hummingbird.  Hummingbirds lift negativity; show resiliency; and are playful.  May all your dreams come true!”  She is so very thoughtful!  Thank you Jennifer!  I love love this bird.

Next up is our Secret Santa for my Facebook secret group.  My partner happens to love two things that I love: Coffee and Owl.  We are supposed to give a homemade gift or anything under $10.  I am NOT gifted in crafts, anything homemade, or creativity, but I have a mother who is.  She is the queen of knitting, crocheting, and sewing.  I went on Etsy and looked and looked.  Finally I came across these coffee mug cozies that have an owl on them.  Instead of ordering them and waiting for them to arrive, I enlisted my mother’s help.  This is one of the many ones that she has made ever since, and this is the one that I sent to my Secret Santa:


My mother is SO talented.  Since I showed this off to many, my mom has made over five of them to give to various of my friends and relatives.  She has already declared that this is too boring for her and she’s no longer making them anymore.  Bummer.

Finally, on a more somber note, I wanted to give my friend who has lost two of her three babies something.  Here is the bracelet that I will send to her:



Just want to let her know that I am thinking of her.  Each pearl represents each baby.  She also lost one baby during this season several years ago.  She said she doesn’t understand why this has to be the season of loss.  I just really want to wrap my arms around her and let her know that I am here for her.  Well, we’re physically too far apart.  Hope that she finds some comfort in this bracelet.  

16 thoughts on “Presents and Exchanges

  1. Oh I. love. this. post! It was so nice to read and the super hero socks are awesome! I also love hummingbirds now too! The bracelet is perfect. I think she will certainly find the comfort she needs in that bracelet. You are such an amazing friend. Oh and your mom is SOOO talented. She could so sell them! 🙂


  2. You are so kind. Whenever I get annoyed at the Christmas season (it’s happened a few times this year) I remind myself that the cliches don’t matter; it’s the acts of kindness and appreciation that matter. You are such a great example of that. Oh, and I love owls too.


  3. Love those Wonder Woman socks…I had WW underwear when I was a kid and would wear it now if I could find some! Also, that’s a very thoughtful gift for your friend. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


  4. What beautiful gifts! I love the socks and the hummingbird is so precious!! And I love coffee and owls too! How awesome and lovely is the mug cozie! Just love it!


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