IUI #1 Final Scan and Show and Tell

So nice to have today, the day before Thanksgiving, off. The ultrasound appointment gave me an excuse to stay home from work. In the last two days, Bob and I had the repeated conversation of whether converting to IUI was a wise choice. We didn’t have to decide on injecting the Cetrotide until last night. If we continued on with IVF, the Cetrotide was necessary to hold off ovulation. It is not needed for an IUI. Right before the Menopur injection, we again asked each other if we were sure about the IUI. The answer was positive. Why did I seem to be uncertain about it? Well, I was most sure about the decision. Then I came across someone’s post on a forum that I frequent. This girl, who is my age, almost cancelled her cycle this time because she only had one follicle growing. Her RE told her to continue on because she might get two. Right before retrieval, a third one popped up. At the retrieval, they were hoping to get three eggs and they actually retrieved six eggs! Out of the six, five were mature and fertilized. One early blastocyst and one compacting morula remained on day five. She got pregnant after transferring those two. I am not saying that this will happen to me. But these freak things do happen. You hear about all these people with follicles that were hiding and they got pregnant from a cycle that they almost cancelled. I was secretly/not so secretly wondering if we would have another follicle showing on the scan today. The result? One nice 18mm follicle on the right ovary. There were two tiny follicles on the left side that probably won’t do anything. My lining is nice and thickening, at 9.5mm. So IUI it is. We’ll do the trigger shot tomorrow at 8pm, probably right after Thanksgiving dinner. IUI is scheduled for Black Friday morning. When Dr. E asked what time we would like to go in for the IUI, Bob joked that we should get there at 4am since it’s Black Friday. He’s such a troublemaker. Always trying to create trouble. 🙂


I am starting to get into the holiday spirit. I am participating in the ornament exchange that is put together by Teresa. I have been searching and looking and finally found these ornaments that I fell in love with. I picked out one for my partner Jennifer. I am super super super excited about it! I bought one for her and one for myself. I went over the limit by $1. Hopefully nobody is going to yell at me because of that. I will show mine once I have shipped Jennifer’s.

Finally, remember the family photo shoot that we did a few weeks ago? We finally got our photos back! I am so grateful that we have a cool photographer who takes wonderful photos. I am in the process of finding a good Christmas card to order. The following are a few photos of us. (Well, I am not quite ready to out myself on my semi-anonymous blog so we just have to be headless or show our backs for now.)



Too bad I can’t show you my makeup! The girl at the Mac counter did a great job. I am super happy with the photos. I wanted trees and water. And we got trees and water. Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “IUI #1 Final Scan and Show and Tell

  1. Those forums will drive you crazy, there’s always someone with an impossible success story to fuel the madness. You guys made the right decision. Save your money for another try. Great photos!


  2. Lovely photos! 🙂

    No matter what choices others made, and what the outcomes were, you have to make the choice that feels right to YOU. If I were in your shoes, I would have converted to IUI, too. Hugs sweetie- pregnancy announcements are tough at the best of times. Even tougher when they are the result of a miracle that you yourself are hoping for.


  3. Wishing you tons of luck with your IUI. We can never know all the outcomes; we just have to make what seems like the best decision based on what we know. Love the photos – even without heads. They look so relaxed and peaceful.


  4. I thought of you this morning during my run. There was a volunteer helping runners stay on course who was ringing a cowbell, and I couldn’t resist shouting out “More cowbell!”. I remembered that I read some where that Will Ferrell first pitched that sketch years before and it was rejected by the shows writers. They decided to use it only because they thought it was fitting for Christopher Walken, but aired it fairly late in the show. It is now rated as one of the best SNL skits of all time. When the Police were first auditioning for their record label, the weren’t planning to play Roxanne, as they didn’t think it was very good, but in the end decided just to go for it. The producer admitted that he wasn’t very impressed with the group, until they played Roxanne, which the producer recognized would become a classic. Sometimes the alternate plan comes up as the big winner!


    • Can I tell you how much I love this comment and it came at just the right time when I stepped out of my acupuncturist’s office and just told her how I didn’t think this would work after all with my own crappy egg(s)? Thanks so much for your thought. I went and watched the SNL skit online and also listened to the song. I know the odds are against us but I really appreciate the encouragement. 🙂


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