IVF #3, First Scan

I’m grateful that Bob could come with me today for my first scan for IVF #3.  It’s a lot nicer to receive good new, bad news, or any kind of news together with your partner in crime.  Well, I have to say that the news was neither good nor bad.  I really didn’t have an expectation going in.  Last cycle I had five or six antral follicles so I was very nervous whether they were growing evenly or not.  This cycle since my antral follicle count was so low that Dr. E didn’t even give me a number, I really didn’t know what to expect.  So I did not expect anything.  My biggest fear before today was that none of the follicles were growing.  That’s kind of silly because I usually ovulate on my own so there should be at least one follicle, right?  Dr. E was her usual cheerful self.  She first searched in my right ovary and commented that my ovaries looked a lot better today than at the last scan when she didn’t show me the screen or tell me the count.  Then her face was beaming with a big smile when she found a 10mm follicle.  There might have been a smaller one in the same ovary.  There also might be a couple small ones on the left side.  That was the result of five days of 3 Femara daily, with Omnitrope every other day, and two vials of Menopur for the last two nights.  Our next step is to continue with two vials of Menopur for the next two nights and go back for a scan on Monday.  Our goal has indeed shifted this cycle.  All we want is to have more than one mature egg.  There were four eggs last cycle but only one was mature.  The interesting thing is that the one egg that fertilized and divided better was one of the immature ones.  Dr. E said that if she pumped me with high dose of medications now, she would expect the follicles to shrivel rather than to grow.  So she wants to whisper to the ovaries some more and encourage the follicles to grow steadily.

How do I feel?  I feel okay.  Of course I want more follicles.  But knowing my body and the egg quality in the last two cycles, I need to shift my focus and pray for a couple of fat eggs, just like what Aramis has commented in the last post.  That’s all I want.  After failing the last cycle without any embryos that would grow beyond day three, it almost seems like a miracle to have an embryo better than six cell on day three.  And having four follicles doesn’t not equate to four mature eggs, which does not equate to four embryos.  Praying and hoping for one or two nice mature eggs seems to be a good goal to have.

Regardless of the outcome, we will proceed with transfer this time.  If we get a couple of good embryos on day three, we may just transfer them on day three and see what happens.  If they look very good, we may wait until day five to see if they turn into blastocysts and transfer them with Clay, our frozen blastocyst.  Dr. E said that we should totally transfer the frozen blastocyst unless I feel so sick after the retrieval that a transfer is not advisable.  With the quality of the embryo, she predicts that it’ll have a 90% chance of thawing successfully.  So friends, we’ll finally proceed to a transfer this cycle.  I am both nervous and excited about that.  I hope that my lining will be as good as last cycle’s.

Compared to people with many follicles, many eggs, and many embryos, my chances of getting pregnant seem so slim.  I have been doing a lot better with my jealousy though.  I am truly happy for my friends who have many follicles, many eggs, and many embryos.  I have been cheering them on and genuinely celebrating their pregnancies.  As for myself, I still keep the faith that it only takes one.  God will make it possible if it is in His will.  Total trust and submission.  Not easy to do but I am trying my best every single day.  I’m grateful that my partner in crime also has the same faith that it will happen.  Now let’s focus on having a couple of nice fat juicy eggs that could be our key to our take home baby.

We just handed over a check with an amount that was enough to buy a nice used car.  I surely hope that it’s not all for naught.


17 thoughts on “IVF #3, First Scan

  1. I’m glad you’re focused on the end game and not the numbers now since the one so often means nothing to the other. I usually fail at keeping perspective in the face of all the data, so kudos to you! Pulling for you, as always Xo


  2. I am hoping and praying that you have a couple fabulous embryos. It does only take one! I so want this to work for you!
    I am one of those people who have lots of embryos, but I still feel so frustrated because they don’t do me much good when it seems once they are put inside of me, they get swallowed up in a big black abyss they call my uterus that supposedly always looks like a great place for these embryos… it seems to be the last place they want to be.
    The whole process is just frustrating. I am sorry! I am cheering for you and your little embryos. We just need one strong one determined to stick!!!
    Keep your doctor whispering to those embryos 🙂


  3. I really appreciate your great positive attitude here. I am going to keep your example in mind when it’s time for our IVF (#1, I’m hoping for January). I expect to be in much the same boat (praying for a least a couple of eggs to mature). Hoping that everything continues to go well and the ovaries respond to the egg whisperer (love that).


    • I hope I can keep the positive attitude, but I also know that it’s okay to feel down at times. OOO I am excited for you for IVF #1. Hope that you will have more mature eggs than I have had.


  4. Your faith is inspiring. I find your RE’s approach of whispering to the ovaries fascinating and truly hope that this cycle yields one or more quality eggs for transfer.


  5. I agree, it’s so much nicer to have your husband along for the appointment, whether the news is good or bad. You are still in the running, and I am praying that this will be it for you!


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