Dilemma of the Day

To test, or not to test?

More importantly, to order medications, or not to order medications?

My temperatures have been up.  My boobs are sore at times.  But, I have never gotten a BFP in my life.  I don’t expect this cycle to be any different.  Today is 12DPO.  AF is supposed to come on Friday.  It occurred to me this morning that I should start thinking about ordering medications if I want to be ready for this cycle.

What if I’m pregnant?  Do I spend thousands of dollars on medications without knowing whether or not I could be pregnant?

I detest testing.  I hate that stark white staring at me.  I hate the absence of a second line.  

If my temperature is still up tomorrow, I might test and go head with purchasing the medications.

That’s the plan… I think???  


8 thoughts on “Dilemma of the Day

  1. Tough choice! I was actually relieved when I used the last test in a 3pack box, not because it was positive (it wasn’t) but because they were gone. I hate testing too but it might be worth it if you’re looking at buying meds and possibly not using them.


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