Diwali and Family Portraits

Bob and I had a wonderful weekend.  Saturday was Diwali, or the festival of lights.  It is a very important holiday for many Indians, including Bob’s family.  We had been urged a few weeks ago to buy “new dress” (meaning new clothes) to be worn on Diwali.  Bob’s parents got up at 4am to cleanse themselves and wear their new clothes.  His mom also started cooking and making sweets very early in the morning.  When Bob and she spoke on Skype that day, she teared up a few times because her son was not there to celebrate this festival and eat her homemade sweets.  Bob was a little sad that he wasn’t there to celebrate with his parents.  We made up for it by having a nice South Indian dinner with my mom and my brother’s family.  We always welcome the excuse to eat South Indian food.  This is what we had:

ImageI could seriously eat this every single day.  Bob’s mother makes the best Indian food.  When we visited her in India last year, she would ask me daily what I wanted for dinner.  Good thing I love her cooking.  She is seriously the best cook ever.  My reaction to her food must have earned me many brownie points.

On Sunday, Bob and I had our family photos done.  I had been wanting to get professional photography done.   I had been waiting for a baby to show up or a baby bump to show for.  All of a sudden, it dawned on me one day earlier this year that Bob and I are already a family and there is no need to wait for a baby.  I did a lot of research on different photographers and found that many of them charge an arm and a leg for just family portraits.  On top of paying a fee for the photo shoot, you also have to purchase individual images from them.  I finally contacted our own wedding photographer and still found him to be the most reasonable in terms of his fees.  He charges one set fee for both the photo shoot itself and a CD for all the images.  Bob and I plan on doing a Christmas card this year with one of the professional photos.  

Bob woke up on Saturday morning with a red left eye.  It didn’t hurt but was a little itchy.  On top of worrying about his eye, I was also worried a little about the photo shoot.  The one weekend that I needed him to be all handsome, this red eye thing happened.  His eye got better and worse throughout the day.  The one thing he heard me say the most was, “Let me see your eye.”  He was joking that I cared more about the appearance of his eye than his eye itself.  Well, I cared about both!  We don’t pay big money to get professional photos done often.  Of course I wanted him to look the best.  There you go.  The vain side of me.

Getting ready for a professional photo session is a lot of work.  We went to church in the morning, went and got a blowout for my hair.  I wasn’t going to get a blowout but my hair really didn’t look picture worthy when we got up in the morning.  I then had a quick lunch and went to the mall to get my makeup done.  Bob opted to rest in the car to see if his eye would look less red.  The makeup artist at the Ma.c counter was seriously God-sent.  She was sweet, efficient, and knew her stuff.  She was Asian herself so she intuitively knew what would make me look pretty.  I even got fake eyelashes put on as my own eyelashes are short and almost nonexistent.  Within 35 minutes, I was all dolled up and ready to go.  Bob was totally pleasantly surprised that he got a more beautiful version of his wife when he opened his eyes from his nap.  He jokingly called me the impostor of his wife.  And the good news is, his eye was actually a lot better and a lot less red.  We quickly went home, changed, and headed over to pick up our photographer.  

It was a wonderful time catching up with our photographer.  He couldn’t believe that it had been 2 1/2 years since the wedding.  I wanted trees and water for the pictures.  The one spot that I wanted would be too windy for the photo shoot.  So we went to Golden Gate Park and he found us an area with brown leaves on the ground and a lot of trees.  Bob insisted on having water and requested Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  So we went to Baker Beach and got many shots of the beach, the ocean, and the bridge itself.  I have to say I felt fortunate that the weather cooperated and it was as clear as it could be in November.  After the photo shoot, I felt too beautiful to go home and make dinner.  Bob took me out to a nice dinner before heading home.  I can’t wait to share some photos with you all.  I probably will post the ones that show our backs with the water and the bridge in the background.  I’ll be able to do that in two weeks.

And guess what?  Bob’s eye is totally healed now.  



15 thoughts on “Diwali and Family Portraits

  1. OMG. Now I’m hungry!!!

    Hubby and I never had formal pics done of the two of us, and believe it or not, with all we went through to have our daughter, we still haven’t had a family portrait done with her, either! I must get on that….


    • Oh I’m so jealous! We can’t go to India until maybe next May because Bob just switched jobs. Please eat a lot of good food for youself and for me. 🙂 How long will you be gone for?


  2. We’ll be there for just over 2 weeks. We’re going to be in Delhi for a couple days and see the Taj Mahal–which I’m really excited about–then to Kerala for just under 2 weeks. My MIL is a good cook and she has some superb dishes, but the rest of the aunties in the family really, really can cook. This time that we get to do more touristy activities as we got the formal visits to family members out of the way on our previous (and only other) visit. So we’re going all the way down to the southern tip (Kunya Kumari) to see the sunrise and the sunset over the ocean, we’re going to an animal reserve (Theykady) and up into the mountains dividing Kerala from Tamil Nadu to see the tea estates (Munnar). I’ll definitely eat some yummy food for you, too!


  3. There’s nothing like professional photos to make you feel like a gorgeous model. I want to hire one to follow me around all the time. Although I guess having full makeup and stuff is also part of it. I don’t think I’ll ever have nicer photos than my wedding ones! It’s a great idea for you to do family photos with just the two of you.


  4. I love Indian food. We have a huge Indian population in the Seattle area, with lots of Diwali celebrations going on. I’m excited for your excitement for your portraits. One of the main reasons I started blogging was to get me more motivated to capture memories on photo. Wish I could convince J to do a professional session… Glad Bob’s eye is better, whatever it was.


  5. LOVE south Indian food…you’re so lucky to have the mother-in-law you do! 😉 I once spent a month visiting friends in Indian over a Diwali celebration, and it was one of the best and most fun holidays of my life.

    Also, can’t wait to see those photos; they sound gorgeous!


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