Liebster Award – the Rule Breaking Version

So…. It’s award season.  I’ve been nominated by a few lovely ladies in the blogging world for an award called Sunshine.  However, that reminds me that I haven’t even responded to the sweet Annie’s nomination for a Liebster Award back about a month ago.  So in the spirit of fairness, I feel compelled to respond to Annie first.  What can I say?  I am usually very rule abiding.  One award at a time, right?

Did I just say that I am very rule abiding?  Well, I’ve seen that a few people have broken the rules of awards recently.  (Yup Aramis, I am looking at you.)  So… I am going to take the liberty of breaking some rules as well.



OKay.  Successfully copied and pasted the award and the rules.  Now onto 11 random facts.


1.  My native language is Cantonese, although I can usually fake my spoken English so well that you may think that I was born here.  It’s another story when I am very tired or when I am speaking to my husband.  I don’t watch how I speak and make all sorts of grammatical errors.

2.  My most memorable trip was a 38-day backpacking trip in Europe right after college.  My three friends and I went to six countries and traveled by train.  We usually ate canned corn and bread and drank water.  We had one good meal at a restaurant in each new city.  I lost ten pounds at the end of the trip.

3. My French was good enough that I could converse in France without a problem on my trip.  Right now?  I can’t even think of how to say common phrases like “How much is this?”  Wonderful.  Foreign language classes in college down the toilet.

4. I am a bread pudding freak.  If there is bread pudding on the menu, I will have to have bread pudding.  I like bread pudding so much that I opted NOT to have a wedding cake and instead made wedding bread pudding our dessert of choice.  My favorite bread pudding is the chocolate croissant bread pudding at Chaya in San Francisco.

5. I am not an animal person.  (I know many of you are animal lovers. Don’t hate me!)  I don’t know.  The thought of touching the belly area of an animal freaks me out.  Don’t ask me why.  I really don’t know.  Unfortunate for Bob, since he’s an animal lover.  He asks me about getting a dog every other day.  I am friendly with a few cockapoos that I know though.

6. I am good at drawing.  I apparently was drawing people with real arms and legs when I was three years old, rather than stick figures with stick arms and legs.  Too bad this talent didn’t translate into something more substantial, although I do draw a lot during my speech therapy sessions.

7. I am a shoe person.  I’d rather spend money on shoes than clothes.  I usually buy clothes under $20.  I have to think for a long time if something is over $20, unless it’s a coat or a jacket.  It’s a different story when it comes to shoes.  I am willing to spend a lot more money on shoes.  This is a dangerous hobby/habit especially since internet shopping is so easy.  Well, good thing for my husband that my extremely flat feet cause some ankle pains that prevent me from buying whatever shoes I want.

8. I went to an all women’s college.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t find my future husband there.

9. I tell people I’m from San Francisco, but I have actually never lived in San Francisco.  Does working there count?

10. I have to wash my hair at night.  You may think that my Asian hair should be smooth and straight.  Well, I have very wavy and frizzy hair.  If I don’t wash my hair at night, blow dry it, and sleep on it to make it flat, I look like a huge frizz ball.

11. I am 5’8″, which is not short for a Chinese girl. My husband is a whole nine inches taller than I am.  He’s not a typical Indian man either.

Okay.  Onto answering Annie’s questions:

1. What do you turn to for comfort?

I pray.  Other than praying, I turn to food.  Anything that makes me happy, such as coffee, coffee ice cream, bread pudding, scone… Just a treat.  And I talk to people who will understand my feelings.  I talk to my hubby.  I talk to a bunch of online friends.  I talk to Dear Colleague.  I guess I have to talk.

2. Do you have any habits/mannerisms other people consider odd but you couldn’t do without?

Hmm.  I bite my nails, especially when I am nervous.  If I can’t think of someone’s name, I go down the alphabets from A to Z until I can think of the name.  It’d bug me forever if I can’t.  In the morning on my desk, I have a cup of coffee, a cup of hot water, and a cup of tea.

3. What is your favorite thing to cook? Or, for non-cooks, to order in?

I was never a good cook until I got married.  My husband likes home cooked food and I want him to be happy.  In the past couple of years, I have developed some skills.   I guess I have two favorite things to cook.  One is a slow cooker chuck roast recipe that is extremely easy to cook and is very tasty.  The other one is lamb chop.  I just had it for dinner tonight.

4. It’s your day off. No commitments yet. Shockingly, ALL your laundry is clean. What do you wear?

At home: T-shirt, a very old and very worn cashmere sweater, and a pair of yoga pants.

Going out: A shirt, a pair of my favorite jeans, and my nicer cashmere sweater.

5. You can have one word or phrase stricken from the minds of humanity–they just forget it existed and you NEVER have to hear it again. What is it?

“Just relax.”

6. You’re a billionaire, hooray! What charity do you make your pet cause?

Most likely Operation Smile for repairing kids’ cleft lip and palate.

7. Do you wear socks to bed?

Oh yes.  I have kidney yang deficiency and always have cold extremities.  When it’s cold, I wear socks.

8. I’ve got a gift card for you! You can’t spend it on bills. Only frivolous things. Where do you go?

Amazon.  I can get anything there. 🙂

9. What one thing that you do on a regular basis do you wish you never had to do again?

Cleaning, just like Annie.  Bob has been wanting to hire someone to clean the house for us, maybe once or twice a month.  I haven’t gotten around to that yet but it’d be wonderful.

10. If you were an expert in one area, and people came from miles away just to ask your thoughts, what area would that be?

I would love to be an expert in organization and interior design.  I am so so bad at it and it’d be wonderful if I could so instinctively know how to organize something neatly and how to decorate a space.

Okay… Here comes the time when I am breaking the rules.  I am supposed to nominate people but I am feeling very lazy at the moment so I am going to end the post here.  Thanks for the nomination, Annie!  Have a great night everyone!


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award – the Rule Breaking Version

  1. It’s great to gain more insight into what makes you tick. I like your hydration routine in the morning, 3 cups of fluids, down the hatch. Bread pudding is the last dessert I would choose, but you’ve made it sound good and I might have to give it another shot. I do love chocolate croissants.


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