Deja Vu

This sounds so familiar.  One embryo is a grade one two-cell.  Just like the last time at this point.  The other one has stopped dividing as of now.  But Dr. E said that we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.  My fear is that this grade one two-cell embryo may decide not to divide and grow.  We really want to make a Daisy this time to join Clay.  Why is this so hard?  I am going to be off for the rest of the week so I have a lot of time to ruminate on the embryos.  Ugh.

I am praying for God to take care of my emotions so that I can keep calm and keep faith and trust in Him that He already has a plan for us.  


18 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. I’m so hopeful that both of the little embabies keep growing. Or at least the one. You guys have been through a lot getting here and it would just be nice if this would work out. I admire your faith in God to work it all out. I know He will.


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