Update: Fertilization report

I have been a little nervous this morning.  Bob woke up and asked if Dr. E emailed us.  Nope not yet.  When I was eating breakfast, I saw her email saying that we got two embryos this morning and she was “so so happy” and would call me later to discuss more.  

I have been secretly/not so secretly hoping for at least three embryos to start with.  Needless to say, I was overcome with emotions and started tearing up.  Bob hugged me and let me cry a little.  One minute after I wrote back to Dr. E, she called me and explained the situation to me.  She said that we began with one mature egg and three not-so-mature ones.  The lab was able to turn one of the not-so-mature eggs into an embryo.  I am so glad that she did not tell me about the three not-so-mature eggs yesterday.  Otherwise I would have been very worried.  She is very hopeful that this cycle would be good because she said that with my lower FSH (10.6), the textbook tells you that the quality of the eggs would be better.  She’s secretly/not-so-secretly hoping that we will have some embryos with good quality that will grow faster this time.  I guess my one dominant follicle this time soaked up all of the meds.  It happens.  

When my period comes, Dr. E wants to see me at the tail-end of my period to perform a saline infusion sonogram.  She will check the fibroid in the cavity and also the other fibroid.  If there is only the small fibroid in the cavity, she will remove it right then and there.  Then we can do a transfer the following month.  If she also sees the bigger fibroid creeping into the cavity, then we’ll have to do a laparoscopic surgery to remove both fibroids.  We’ll look into transfer in three months.  Fibroids can cause miscarriages and pre-term labors.  It’s better to remove them before proceeding.

Needless to say, there is more waiting.  If the transfer works, the earliest I could give birth to a child is after my 40th birthday.  Who else is counting?


6 thoughts on “Update: Fertilization report

  1. Man, I’ve been there with the greedy dominant follicle. So sorry that you’re going through it. For what it’s worth, estrogen priming has seemed to help me so far. Once I know how this cycle ends up, I’ll let you know.


  2. Oh, yeah, I count, and especially I count how long it’ll take to afford treatments and know that there’s a good chance it takes until I’m 40 even though I’m only 31 now, to save for them.


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