Egg retrieval number two and Classmate

Today is retrieval day.  Everything felt eerily familiar.  This cycle has been kind of weird.  I have been a lot more relaxed in terms of the process.  Bob arriving home 15 minutes late for the injections?  No problem.  I even almost forgot that I needed to refrain from eating and drinking at midnight.  Good thing my husband was on top of things.  Otherwise, I would have gulped down the glass of water that was by my bedside.  Since retrieval was on a Sunday morning, there wasn’t any traffic even when the bridge on our usual route is currently closed.  It took a total of 52 minutes to get there versus the one hour 25 minutes that took me on Friday.  The clinic was busy; many women walked in and out with their husbands and children to get ultrasound and blood work done.  Bob was taken to the lab early for his part of the deal while I was still waiting in the lobby.  At 8:30 sharp, the nurse who prepped me at the last retrieval came out to greet me.  We did almost all the same things; changed, answered questions, signed consents, bathroom visit, IV insertion, and visit from the anesthesiologist.  I was glad that Bob made it back before I had to go to the operating room so he could hang out with me and give me one more kiss.  Lying on the table, I lost another twenty minutes of my life without having any memory of it.  The last thought I had before I felt asleep was a prayer to God, “Please let there be eggs.”  I guess I have been a little ambivalent about this cycle.  At the last follicle check, five follicles remained in the running.  One big follicle and four smaller follicles were visible.  I had in my head that maybe the one big follicle had sucked up all the meds and the other ones might be empty.  Again, this is my fear and my defense mechanism speaking, but I was just hoping that there would be more than two to three eggs.  Bob was still holding out hope for five eggs.  

Twenty minutes later, I slowly woke up.  Bob was by my side.  Dr. E came in and cheerfully reported that we have four eggs.  Just like last time.  I was pleased but at the same time I was secretly wishing for five.  And then in my very groggy and sleepy state, I was thankful that I got four again.  Not one, not two, not three, but four.  That was worth celebrating.  We did it with significantly less drugs than the first IVF.  Now we’ll just see if the egg quality will be better this time.  I can’t wait for the fertilization report tomorrow, but at the same time I’m terrified.  I am hoping for one more embryo than the first time.  That will be awesome.

Our little Clay has to wait a little before he/she comes home to my uterus.  Dr. E announced that there is a small fibroid in the uterus.  There is also the big fibroid in the uterine wall.  There is definitely no transfer this time.  I will have to return to Dr. E’s office in about two weeks for a procedure to remove the fibroid in the cavity.  At that time, we’ll discuss about the bigger fibroid.  I hope that we will get to do a transfer some time before November.  I may be setting myself up for disappointment since there may be recovery time before we can prepare for a transfer.  This is again time to exercise more patience.

The three-hour nap post retrieval was awesome and much needed.  We had sushi for dinner.  It was a good way to finish our retrieval day.


We had a wonderful day hanging out with my elementary classmate whom I had not seen for 21 years.  We played tourist in the city and took the cable car all the way from downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf and back.  We walked around and had the best fish and chips.  The fish and chips place was decorated with happy birthday banners because it was the owner’s birthday.  It also happened to be Classmate’s birthday.  When I told the owner, she came out and gave Classmate a free soda.  Since we had already ordered a fried Snickers bar, she gave us an order of fried Oreos on the house!  I have to say both the fried Snickers bar and fried Oreos were out of this world tasty and amazing.  I didn’t forget the fact that it was extra fattening.  But it was so good!  I think it was worth the calories.

Classmate has a son who was conceived nine years after he had gotten married.  I always thought that it was due to fertility issues.  After catching up with him, I found out that the pregnancy was planned as they had no problems conceiving.  However, when they tried for number two, his wife developed a thyroid condition and had to be on radioactive medication.  Her doctor advised them NOT to try for a pregnancy for 1 1/2 years.  Since they don’t want their children to be too far apart in age, they opt for not trying for number two since his son is already five years old.  

Bob and I hung out with Classmate for about six hours.  About four hours into our outing, Classmate made an observation and said, “Bob really likes children, doesn’t he?”  I was thinking, wow is it that obvious?  I guess Bob was really drooling over all the cute kids that he encountered on the tourist-filled streets and destinations.  About twenty minutes later, Classmate opened his mouth and asked, “Since Bob likes kids so much, are you guys going to try for a baby?”  Duh, Classmate, of course.  I didn’t say much.  Bob responded with something vague like, “We would hope so one day.”  I just smiled.  Classmate continued with his opinion, “Don’t wait too long.  It’s going to get harder when you get older.”  Duh again, Classmate.  I just smiled again.  What else can you say, right?


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