“Always something!”

Yup.  There is always something.  That was what my friend said to me today.

At my follicle check today, Dr. E found six follicles of various sizes on my right ovary.  I could personally only see four of them.  But she saw six.  She didn’t tell me the size.  I didn’t ask.  The left ovary is not doing its job.  The two follicles are still tiny.  They grew a little but not enough.  Dr. E said we’d still give them time to grow.  No one knows what will happen in a few days.

We’re continuing with four vials of Menopur, 25 IU of Omnitrope, and one vial of Cetrotide to prevent ovulation.  She wants to see me either tomorrow or Friday.  I have been dreading her asking to see me because of the Bay Bridge closure and I would have to go on another bridge to go see her.  I could always go to another clinic on this side of the bay.  After thinking long and hard about it, I’d rather drive the distance to go see her.  I’d feel better that way.  

Oh by the way, my CD2 FSH this cycle was 10.6!  It was over 18 last two times.  My estradiol was normal at 31.  My DHEA is creeping up and is high.  I guess it’s normal since I’ve been taking 75mg of DHEA a day.  Dr. E still wants me to continue taking it.  

I asked Dr. E if she was sure that we would do a day five transfer instead of a day three transfer.  I meant it as a question to see how she decides on a day three versus day five transfer.  She understood my question in another way.  She said she wasn’t sure if we were going to do a day five transfer because the fibroid that she thought was only making the uterus cosmetically unpleasant looking is now actually growing bigger.  It may creep into the uterine cavity.  She wouldn’t want to transfer any embryos if the fibroid might affect implantation or pregnancy.  She wants to assess the fibroid on the day of retrieval and will make a decision then.  If she decides NOT to do a transfer, she would refer me to “the best” surgeon for the removal of the fibroid.  I have had enough of a full-blown abdominal myomectomy that took six weeks to recover.  I really don’t want another big surgery.  She reassured me that it would not be a full one but one that would be done laparoscopically.  

So we may not get to transfer, again.  We may need a surgery.  Yup.  There is always something.  Bob is very positive about it.  He likes that we still have a bunch of follicles in the running.  If we need a surgery, then we’ll take care of it first.  To him, this is all good news.  I am still taking it one day at a time and am asking God to give me the strength, patience, peace, and calmness to deal with anything unexpected.  Anything can happen in an IVF cycle, right?


15 thoughts on ““Always something!”

  1. That’s great news about your FSH! I’m sorry about the possible surgery. I hope it doesn’t come to that. But, I guess if your doctor thinks removing it will create better odds for success, it’s worth it. Good luck!


  2. Ugh! You’re so right, but ugh! I’m glad that Bob is optimistic. I don’t think I would be handling this as well as you. But, at least you saw the potential problem prior to transfer, so you can fix up that have the best uterine cavity possible!


    • Thank you! Yup I would like a nice and comfy environment for my future babies. Just kind of sad that I would need another surgery just after less than 2 years. Oh well, I got to do what I have to do.


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