I was more nervous than usual going in for my follicle check.  My blood pressure attested to that.  I have had five days of stimulation with Femara interpersing with Omnitrope.  Yesterday was the first day we did two vials of Menopur.  Last cycle with Menopur I was bloated.  That gave me an illusion that follicles were growing.  With oral medication, it was hard to tell if anything was happening.  Before I went inside, I prayed to God to calm my nerves.  I felt much better after that.  But my blood pressure was high.  Actually a lot higher than normal: 142/92.  Two minutes later, it was 132/92.  My blood pressure two weeks ago was 100/60.  Dr. E came in and said that I should stop my Dexamethasone because anxiety and nervousness could be a side effect of it.  Good to know.  I’ll stop that.  Dr. E proceeded to check on my follicles.  We have four growing on the right.  They ranged from 6mm to 10mm.  There were two tiny ones growing on the left.  She called out 3mm each.  Dr. E is changing her plans.  She said she is getting greedy.  Now she has seen what is going on inside my ovaries, she wants all six follicles.  Instead of continuing with two vials of Menopur, she is upping it to four vials for the next four nights.  I will return for another visit on Wednesday to check on the growth.  She seemed unfazed by the uneven growth of the follicles.  And she did not draw blood to check on my estradiol level because Femara reduces estradiol.  Interesting.  That’s why she’s the RE and I am not.

Bob is super excited about the potential of six follicles.  He was hoping for five .  I was more cautious and would be happy with three (since the resting follicle count was four).  And I know I shouldn’t worry about the tiny ones because they may really catch up.  We’ll start Cetrotide tomorrow to prevent ovulation.  Looks like retrieval will most likely be on Sunday and day five transfer will be the following Friday.  I had hoped and prayed for the retrieval to be either Saturday or Sunday because that would make day five transfer on Thursday or Friday.  Bob has a very important appointment with immigration that he has to attend on Wednesday.  If retrieval happens a day or two sooner, then it would make day five transfer the day Bob can’t make it.  I really want him to be there.  But I know that it’s not the end of the world if he isn’t.  My SIL has already cleared her schedule for Wednesday just in case transfer is on that day.  I think most likely my husband can watch Clay go into my uterus on the day of transfer.

God has watched over me with my emotions this past week.  I am praying for continued calmness.  I am thankful that multiple follicles are growing.  I just hope and pray that I continue to let go of my need for control and just let God be in control and let Dr. E do her part.  We’ll see how the follicles are on Wednesday.


10 thoughts on “Six?

  1. Oh, this sounds like wonderful news! Just hang in there 🙂 Oh, and all follicles grow at different rates, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the uneven sizes. I can’t wait for Wednesdays update!


  2. That’s great–and great the your RE is so involved and is doing everything in her power to make sure this cycle works the best it can. I hope all six of those follicles grow, grow, grow!


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