Random things

Hi everyone from ICLW. Welcome!  Here is my little blog documenting things that I feel like documenting. 

Updates on IVF #2:

  • AF decided to show up late last night, which left me scrambling to email/phone my RE to see if I should get my CD2 bloodwork done today.  I got her on her cell phone.  It was adorable to chat with her while her kids were being loud and splashing water in the background.  It’s often confusing for me to know if CD1 is CD1 if AF comes in the later part of the day.  Dr. E said that if I have to use a tampon or pad, then we’d treat it as CD1.  Okay. CD1 it is.
  • I couldn’t go to my bootcamp class this morning at 6:15 because I wanted to get my bloodwork done before work.  The hospital lab that is 17 minutes away from my house opens at 7am.  I got there at 7:16 and had to wait for 30 minutes.  By the time the blood was drawn, it was 7:50.  I had to be at work by 8:30.  I brought an empty mug with me as I was secretly wishing that I could buy a cup of my favorite coffee if I happened to get out early.  I recently discovered that their decaf coffee is as good as regular.  That didn’t happen.  I got into work 5 minutes late without my decaf coffee.
  • My bootcamp instructor is so cute.  I was instructed by my RE to do low impact exercises during the first half of the cycle and not to do any exercises at all after transfer.  So my bootcamp instructor made a three-minute video of all the modified joint exercises that she could think of to show Dr. E if they are okay to do for my cycle.  Dr. E found it “way too cute” and said “yes” that I can do them during the cycle. Yay!  I hate not being able to move around, although sleeping in sounds mighty good to me too.  Did I mention that bootcamp is at 6:15am Monday, Wednesday, Friday?  Last cycle I had an excuse to lie in bed while Bob dragged himself out of bed at 5:30am.  😀
  • I will start Femara tonight.  Praying that my FSH and estradiol levels are acceptable.  I will also get my calendar today, so I’ll know what exactly I am going to do this cycle.
  • An elementary school friend of mine will come to San Francisco for a conference from Hong Kong.  I haven’t seen this guy in ages but it’ll be good to catch up in my hood.  It’s just that the date that he proposed meeting up is the day that I may have my egg retrieval.  It’s really hard to tell him why I may or may not be able to meet up with him. And he’s booked on other days with obligations.  Oh well.
  • I called five different online pharmacies and found a wide range of prices on the medications that I need.  When I expressed to my RE that I might want to order from multiple pharmacies, she told me that I could actually ask pharmacies to price match so that I could just order from one pharmacy.  Good to know.

That’s it for now!  Now onto starting  my day.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Random things

  1. woohoo for cycle#2! Pricematch for pharmacies?? That’s a first but makes total sense. You know you can pricematch at grocery stores – if you actually want to go through the hassle of it.


    • Yup price match for pharmacies. Never thought I would hear that. And one of the pharmacies actually initiated mentioning to me about it. They price match everything except for one medication.


  2. That’s so cool that your trainer is helping you to customize your workouts during a cycle! I always just kind of plug away at whatever I’m doing but I never know if that’s the right thing to do.


  3. Congrats on finally starting IVF #2! Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about having to cancel on your friend — the chances of having retrieval happen on the day your clinic predicts are pretty slim anyway. Hoping the Femara does its thing and we get some stronger results than last time. I want this one to be The One!


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