IVF #2 is a go!

The visit today was good.  I was a tiny bit nervous when I pulled into the parking lot.  A prayer for peace right before going in calmed my nerves instantly.  Dr. E came into the ultrasound room all excited saying that she couldn’t wait to see how my ovaries were looking.  This cycle I ovulated on the right side and the lining is 10mm.  Looks like I have two follicles on each side with a total of four.  Since I went in with zero expectation, I am happy with four.  Dr. E exclaimed, “See those two follicles?  Aren’t they adorable?”  Only REs would call follicles adorable.  HAHA.  She also measured my fibroid.  It is quite big but according to her, it’s not going to interfere with anything since it’s not in the uterine cavity.  She compared it to a mole on your face.  Then I said, oh it’s like a big o’ mole on your uterus that only makes the uterus ugly but doesn’t affect anything.  She immediately said, are you calling me ugly??  HA!  Dr. E has a signature mole right under her left eye.  We also discussed about doing comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS).  I reminded her that we won’t do that because of our belief that life starts from conception. She said she could respect that although that’s not her world view.  I said yeah… I just can’t justify it morally.  She then immediately said… are you call me immoral?  Of course she was just joking but I was putting my foot in my mouth twice!  Anyhow, it was overall a good visit.  AF should come either Monday or Tuesday.  When Dr. E exited, she did say that maybe we have gotten pregnant on our own this cycle.  She’s always so positive.  


8 thoughts on “IVF #2 is a go!

  1. We refused testing too. We told them we would still transfer babies that showed signs of something wrong. Not that we judged anyone who felt differently because honestly we were just stumbling through ivf ourselves not having researched every little thing. In the end our RE called and said he really respected how we stuck to our beliefs and got pregnant anyway.


    • My RE doesn’t believe in the same thing but she supports our decision. Like Aramis says below, with only a couple of embryos, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to test.


  2. We aren’t doing CCS (or whatever our version is at our clinic) either, but for us it’s because we’re only likely to have one or two embryos at most anyway. It’s usually better for people who have a bunch and have to pick the good ones to put back. Glad your cycle is on track!


    • Yeah many people I know who have only a couple of embryos each time opt not to test because there is a risk of destroying an embryo by removing a cell. I think it’d make more sense if you’re banking embryos, maybe at least five or six of them, and then test them all at the same time. It’s so darn expensive to test. Yup I hope to get all four follicles growing!


  3. I’m glad that you’re moving forward. We won’t test either, we’ll likely have too few embryos with my eggs and if we don’t use my eggs, then we won’t have the same concerns about quality. Keep us updated on how things are going!


  4. Hi from ICLW. Your RE sounds pretty funny and I love that she is so positive. Wish my RE thought my fibroids were harmless as moles (going for a second opinion soon). Hope this cycle fulfills your dreams.


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