Ready for the next cycle? Ovulation, insurance money, and fights

Ovulation probably happened yesterday.  My temperature rose for such a pathetic amount that I am not too confident to say that I did ovulate, although other signs such as the cervix and the cervical fluids all point to the same conclusion.  Once we confirm ovulation, it will be much easier to predict when AF will come for a visit.  I emailed Dr. E today and she told me to come see her about 8 days to 10 days past ovulation.  We tried our best this cycle to BD at least every other day up until the positive OPK.  Then we advanced to BD everyday.  A miracle hasn’t happened in the last 20 months so I don’t expect one this time.  But wouldn’t that be nice?

Oh and I was good over the weekend.  I didn’t procrastinate and actually wrote an email asking Dr. E’s financial lady Jennifer about insurance money and other IVF cycle related money matter.  She emailed me and said that we had “very good news”.  That made me want to talk to her right away.  Apparently we have only used up about $3600 of our $10,000 lifetime maximum.  I knew that we would have some insurance money left since we didn’t proceed with the transfer.  I still have to call up insurance to verify the information, but I was pleasantly surprised that it seems like we have enough money to do another cycle without having to pay out of pocket yet.  It’s also interesting to see how much less insurance companies are paying the doctors than what patients without insurance coverage have to pay out of pocket. The disparity hardly seems fair, so I’m grateful for another chance of IVF with insurance money.

Bob and I had a very rough Sunday.  We fought a few times throughout the day.  The fight at the end of the day was the most damaging as we both said things that we were not proud of and were hurtful to each other.  We fought about things that are directly and indirectly related to infertility.  The good thing about the two of us is that we often reconcile within the hour.  However, both of us felt exhausted and defeated. The topic of counseling resurfaced again.  Both of us agree that may be it’s time to revisit the topic again and actually find a professional that we could work with.   As we move onto the next cycle, it’s going to be very important for us to continue to learn how to better communicate with each other.  So instead of just talking about it, it’s about time to put it into action.  

There you have it.  The next steps: getting two more high temperatures to confirm ovulation, calling insurance to verify coverage, finding a Christian counselor that is in network, getting price quotes on meds, and praying for an extra dose of patience I have for my husband as we move onto the next cycle.  I think I am ready.  


10 thoughts on “Ready for the next cycle? Ovulation, insurance money, and fights

  1. This post is bittersweet. I’m glad you got good insurance news. Two cycles covered is pretty awesome! (We’ve got zero coverage for IVF, but were grateful for the IUI coverage…) But I’m sorry that things with Bob are tense. I’ll be praying for you both!


  2. We’re uninsured, but have some form health care (woo Australia) Still ends up costing more than i can really afford 😦 I’m glad you get another shot though, hopefully this is the one!
    Sorry things are tough relationship wise, hopefully your good news softens things up a bit for you both xx


  3. Yeah on the out of pocket stuff. If you only used 3600 up to transfer – we had paid probably 12k by then. One whole cycle cost us 16k. Crazy. That’s awesome you have insurance coverage.
    I know the feeling of wanting a miracle all too well. Fingers crossed


    • If we pay OOP here with my RE, it’d cost a bit over $12000 for each cycle. Yikes… so yes we’re grateful that we have coverage. Let’s hope that we don’t need it this time. 🙂


  4. That’s great news about your insurance! What a relief. And what you’re going through would be hard on any marriage– I’m glad you both agree to try counseling & are able to communicate about that. I’ve known other couples where one person refuses to get outside help & that makes it much harder for things to get better.


  5. I’m so sorry about the fighting and understand completely. My B and I can get into awful fights, and like you two, we’re quick to make up and both feel emotionally drained afterwards. And we fight the most around pivotal cycle points, when we start, when we’re going to or from a crucial dr’s appointment, when we have to decide on next steps. B is adverse to couseling, but we’ve both gotten better of just walking away and cooling off. Both of like to have the last words, both of us don’t like to back down, so it takes a concerted effort on both our parts to actually walk away. It doesn’t always happen, but we’ve gotten better. I hope that you guys find a way to get through these tense times. Intellectually we know why it’s happening, but it’s still so hard! Hugs.


    • Bob has been good with walking away or telling me to walk away. I am the one who can’t walk away and am always in his face. I like to have the last words too. A lot for me to learn….


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