Questions for Dr. E

What’s better than to write a post about the questions I have for Dr. E so that I could get over my laziness?  The appointment is fast approaching in two days.  I have not written down a single question.  So here you go, friends.  I am writing them down HERE and NOW to end my procrastination.

  1. How was the quality of the embryos from last cycle?
  2. How was my response to the protocol?  Would you rate it as bad, okay, good, or excellent for someone who has diminished ovarian reserve?  Compared to other people who has done a similar protocol with similar FSH, AFC, and AMH, how was my response?
  3. How soon do you recommend starting a new cycle?  What will be a good indicator (in terms of FSH and AFC) for starting a new cycle?
  4. What protocol would you recommend?  The same one?  A modified one?  A totally different one?  What is the reason for keeping the same/modifying/doing a different one?  How can we do better next time so that we get more eggs and embryos?
  5. We had three fertilized eggs from the four that we retrieved.  We only got one embryo out of the three.  Is that an expected fertilization rate?
  6. Regarding the one blastocyst that we have, does the slow progression of its growth indicate quality issue, implantation potential, neither, or both?
  7. When do you recommend transferring the blastocyst?  Do you recommend transferring it during a fresh cycle with other embryos or just transferring it by itself?
  8. In your honest opinion, should we go with Dr. Y for mini or natural IVF if we only get one embryo every time we do a cycle?  Financially and in terms of the amount of medication used, would that be a more reasonable option for us?
  9. How does the Attain Program work?  With DOR, do we qualify for the plan?  Or because of my FSH, do we have to pay for each cycle?

Questions from Bob that he asked immediately following our IVF cycle:

  1. She thinks that our embryo has pregnancy potential.  What does that mean?
  2. She said that there is a 98 to 99% chance that we can use our embryo after thawing.  Do we do another cycle, get some more embryos, then thaw?
  3. Due to DOR, will she be following a protocol similar to Dr. Y’s (natural/mini-IVF)?

His questions are similar to mine.  So there you go.  I am sure I will have more when I talk to her on Thursday.  But this is the gist of it.   Bob is not going to be there with me physically but he will be joining us on the phone.  I hope that half an hour is enough for me to ask all the questions!


9 thoughts on “Questions for Dr. E

  1. I always felt/feel silly pulling out my notepad o’ questions but I got the feeling my RE appreciated an informed patient and my OB seems to be used to it. Well, I think he is because after the questions about me and general updates from him, he says “what are your questions?” haha. Definitely good to have them in writing because you’ll forget at least half by the time you can ask.
    And I agree, please post the answers for curious readers. 🙂


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