Our little fighter, albeit a little slow

Uhh…. friends, I don’t think I can handle the emotional roller coaster anymore.   But what we learned this morning makes this journey worthwhile.  This is my RE’s email sent at 7:07am:

“great update this morning.  the embryo is a 2bb this morning.  it will be frozen for you later today and will meet criteria to freeze as it definitely has pregnancy potential.  any questions, please ask”

What what what what what??!!??  This little embryo has been stalling and then growing and then stalling and now growing again?!?  This is a miracle to me.
Bob last night said that since we got good news every other day, maybe we’d get good news today.  I wasn’t as optimistic.  I was really ready to move on from this cycle.
This tells you that IVF is just a highly unpredictable beast.  Anything could happen.
I already love this embryo.  I think it really wants to make it to the world.  It keeps on fighting.  Its journey has not ended.  I really would love to meet him/her one day.  He/she is like the daddy already, a fighter but a little slow.
In the mean time, we will sit tight and see what happens in the next cycle or so.
Thank you so much for all of your comments, hugs, and support.  They warm my heart and pulled me back from a dark place.
This is the best outcome I could hope for for this cycle.  The Lord has His agenda.

32 thoughts on “Our little fighter, albeit a little slow

  1. Wow–that’s great news! I didn’t even have a chance to express my condolences on your last post, and now I don’t have to! What a great outcome. Hoping with all my might that you meet this little one one day!


    • Yeah isn’t it crazy? That’s for rooting for me. That’s why I tried to write an update as soon as possible so no one had to be sad for me. I really hope to meet this kid. We already have a nickname for him/her. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness!! This makes me so happy and want to cry! You sure have had a rough few days! But your baby is fighting hard! He/she wants to meet mommy and daddy!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Yay! When will your FET be? Have you even gotten to that point? After a lot of failures, I’m gearing up for round 3…FET #2…this is so incredible. I love how we are already mamas…we know our babies’ personalities even before they are in our bodies. God is good.


  4. Wow. The ups and downs hey? I also had the theory that every day of good news was followed by not so good news, so I’m like Bob 🙂 sounds like you have a determined embryo there! Wishing it strength xxx


  5. YAY!!! Just goes to show that even the doctors don’t know everything, and can still be as surprised as we are. So happy for you! Some good news for a change!


  6. Holy crap, just catching up on all this now… I am so sorry you guys have had to deal with such heartache and a rollercoaster ride like no other. I am so very happy you have one little bitty guy to put back in the freezer, one tiny speck of hope to hold on to — that’s all you need, really. I hope you’re putting your faith in the future, whether it’s this embryo or another that will turn into an actual baby. If your RE hasn’t given up on you, YOU shouldn’t give up on you either… hang in there.


  7. I’ve been following your story and I must say, I love this embryo too! What a fighter! Praying and sending you all the positive thoughts I can muster as you move towards your next cycle and possible FET. 🙂


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