From high fives to okay


We keep on losing some fingers for our hand gestures but it’s quite okay! We have three fertilized eggs!  Isn’t it like the okay hand gesture?

My RE’s physician assistant called and left a message to see how I was doing after the retrieval.  When I called her back, she was with a patient and I was about to go see my own client.  I told the receptionist a time that the PA could call me back.  I waited and waited but she didn’t call.  I was so nervous and was actually shaking.  Last night I had a dream that only one embryo fertilized and I remember feeling very sad in the dream.  The news was delivered to me by my least favorite uncle.  I woke up feeling very unsettled.  I think I am okay with one embryo but of course I want more than one.  Good thing I was very busy in the morning and was very distracted by my work.  So fast forward to lunch time.  I finally called my RE’s office again but got their answering service!  ARRGGHH.  I left a message and the PA called me right back.

PA: Hi I just want to check in with you to see how you’re doing after the retrieval.

Me: I am doing well.  No cramps or anything.

PA: That’s great!


PA: Did Dr. E update you on your fertilization?

Me: No… I’ve been waiting all morning and been nervous about it.

PA: Oh so three eggs fertilized which is fantastic!

In that moment, I was very relieved.  I didn’t think that all four eggs would fertilize.  Three is totally fantastic like she said!  Having three fertilized eggs means most likely we would do a day three transfer on Saturday.  PA said she would update me a little later.

Bob was so excited!  He had been very nervous all morning long.  Instead of the handicapped high five that is missing a thumb, he can now do a legitimate okay gesture.  🙂

The PA sent me a confirmation for a scheduled embryo transfer for Saturday at 11am my time.  So this is becoming very official.  I hope and pray that these fertilized eggs are going to stick around until day three!

Can I call them embryos???

Praise the Lord!!


I started doing the vaginal Endometrin insert to support the lining.  I didn’t really feel it last night since I went to bed right after the insert.  After the application this morning, I kept on feeling there was something leaking down my lady bits.  It was so so gross!  This is done three times a day.  I seriously have to consider buying some pantyliners if I don’t want anything sticky down there…. I know that this is a tiny sacrifice if it means a baby.  I know many people do Crinone or PIO that is even worse.  But it is definitely uncomfortable having something sticky that leaks all the time!  Even though it is gross, I hope that in two weeks I’ll have a legitimate reason to insert these gross things for another ten weeks.  🙂


11 thoughts on “From high fives to okay

  1. Pio is actually wayyyyy better than crinone or endometrin in terms of comfort. one shot a day and done! I’m sooo happy for u having 3 fertilzed! That’s so wonderful. I had 3 on my last ivf too! Fingers crossed!! 🙂


  2. Three’s a charm!! Yay! So happy for you and thrilled for the Saturday transfer. When do they do the beta draw? Or will you test before that? And yeah, the Endometrin SUCKS — for some reason my doctor had me doing PIO shots for my IUIs and then switched me to Endometrin for my IVF, and I can affirm that I would have much rather stuck with sticking myself. 🙂

    But it won’t go on forever — hoping and preying for a BFP, which will make that gross oozing a lot more bearable!


    • So betas blood test will be on July 23rd if I indeed get to transfer tomorrow. Yeah.. I don’t know if which is better, injections or leaky lady bits. The Endometrin has its mood swings… sometimes leaky hours after insertion, sometimes not.


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