When the stars align

Egg retrieval does happen on one’s birthday!  On the day I turn 39, Bob and I will find out the fate of our follicles.  I have been eerily calm.  Not being too hopeful could be a defense mechanism to protect myself from major disappointment.    Although when tomorrow rolls around, I may not be as zen as I think I am.  We shall see.  Yesterday we did the mother of all injections: mixing Menopur, Omnitrope, Ganirelix, and HCG into the same vial for the trigger shot.  Tomorrow morning, we have to arrive at the clinic 45 minutes before the procedure that will take place at 8:15am.  I am grateful for getting this far and getting to retrieval.  I am grateful for my responses so far to the protocol.  I hope and pray that this trend continues.  Any good thoughts, prayers, and good vibes would be greatly appreciated! 


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