Update on my 3rd scan

We just had our 3rd scan today on a Sunday after yesterday’s second scan on a Saturday.  We now have five follicles that are between 15 and 18mm. The lining is at 10.4mm which according to Dr. E is “super”.  She’s very careful.  My estradiol and progesterone levels came back great yesterday but she wanted to check on my follies today to make sure that triggering tomorrow night is a good call.  Since this is my first (and hopefully last) IVF, she wanted to make sure that she’s doing the right thing.  Hence monitoring ultrasound two days in a row.  I really love her for that.  She’s very dedicated to what she does.  So the decision is to do the trigger shot on Monday night.  Retrieval will really be bright and early on Wednesday, the day I turn 39.  The instruction from her clinic says:

Post egg retrieval instructions: Diet: Take liquids in small amount and advance to a light meal.  Avoid spicy, fatty, heavy foods today.  You may resume a regular diet whenever you feel up to it.

Ha.  They are asking me to NOT do the thing that I’d usually do on my birthday, which is to eat spicy, fatty, heavy foods.  But it’s okay.  I can wait for those things if it means a baby for us in the future. 

I am grateful that the scans have been going well so far.  I also know the nature of IVF.  I am celebrating the fact that things are going well but am also being cautious since things are highly unpredictable in the world of ART.  I am truly taking it one day at a time.  I just want to stay close to God’s will.  Bob and I pray daily that we are walking side by side with the Lord.  We are very close to the finish line.  I remain hopeful that one day we will become parents. 


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