High fives and a possible special birthday “treat”

High Fives: that was what my husband did yesterday after we went for our first ever IVF monitoring scan.  He grinned and held up five fingers.  We have 5 measurable follicles!  Going in, my heart and my mind were in conflict.  I was scared to death that there would not be any follicles (silly right, coz there should at least be one).  At the same time, I felt this tremendous sense of calmness that whatever might come, I’d take it.  So on a bright, warm, and sunny morning, we drove 50 minutes to see Dr. E on a holiday.  That crazy woman had already done three egg retrievals that morning.  I said… You must have a very good nanny.  Turned out she has two nannies for her five-year-old, two-year-old, and three-month old.  Did she just give birth not too long ago?  I couldn’t tell.  I can’t possibly imagine doing this job well with three kids and an emergency room doctor husband if she didn’t have some great nannies.  Anyhow, back to the scan.  She hooked me up and looked intently into the screen.  Then she started smiling and pointing at the screen.  I love it when she does that because whenever she does that, it means there is good news.  Before the scan, I said, I’ve been praying for steady and even growth on the follicles.  She said, Look!  You’ve wished for steady and even, you’ve got it.  There were three follicles measuring about 10 to 11mm on the right side.  On the left, there were two that were about 8mm.  She was pleased and said they are the right size for this stage after four days of stims.  She said that the follicles on the left side might decide to catch up.  I was very relieved that we got more than one!  And they are even instead of having one dominant follicle, which is what I have read that has happened to many people.  She drew my blood to check on my estradiol level then we were good to go.  Bob and I walked out of there feeling like celebrating.  We know that we have many hurdles ahead of us.  However, we just feel like that there is at least a piece of good news after having not so good news in the last 19 months.  And I’m not naive.  I know that the chances of us getting pregnant are still slim.  Having five follicles does not mean five eggs at retrieval.  And it does not equal to five embryos.  And even if five embryos turn out, there are still many hurdles to overcome.  I know that people who don’t have DOR have over 10 to 15 follicles.  But I really welcome at least this piece of good news that I am responding to the medications so far.  I asked Dr. E what the good level of estradiol should be at this point.  She said anything over 100 would be good.  Last night, she emailed me with the level of 150!  I don’t know what the number means and I dare not consult with Dr. Google to find out what it all means.  I will take Dr. E’s words for it. Her instruction is to continue 300IU of Menopur, start Ganirelix tonight, and go back for a scan on Saturday.  We may trigger on Monday.  Egg retrieval will be very likely on July 10, next Wednesday, which happens to fall on my birthday, the day I turn 39.  Talk about a special birthday celebration/festivity!  Everyone is saying that the stars will line up for me for that special day.  We shall see.  One day at a time.

Before we left, Dr. E reminded us that, it really only takes one.  I love her positive attitude and I need to remember that.  She also gave me tips to minimize the burning sensation: wipe the skin with the alcohol wipe lightly once.  I tried it last night and it actually worked!  My husband has gotten so good at mixing.  It took him only six minutes on Friday night.  Last night because of the human growth hormone it took a little longer.  He is a pro now.

Thank you Lord for:

  • five follicles
  • calmness
  • my husband who has been such a darling to me that I have no complaints
  • long weekend
  • me responding to meds

6 thoughts on “High fives and a possible special birthday “treat”

  1. That’s great news! And you’re right, dominant follicles are a big problem for DOR patients (I’ve had them both times, ended up cancelling the first time although the second time they just let it go and waited for the other crop to catch up). I’m really glad it’s not an issue for you. Here’s hoping things keep going great!


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