Finished three days of stims

So Bob and I have gotten this routine down.  He’d call me before he drives home.  That’s a cue for me to get the four vials of Menopur, the syringe, and the needle ready for him.


When he gets home, he gets to business.  Bob has gotten so good at mixing these things.  I love watching him as he looks very determined to get every single drop from the vials.  It’s very adorable to see him take this so seriously.  I have also gotten used to the burn of the mixture when it goes into my tummy.  I feel quite bloated after the injection every single time.  My tummy sticks out and is a lot rounder than usual.  It totally looks like I’m a couple of months pregnant.  Good thing the swelling usually subsides in the morning so nobody would mistaken me as pregnant.  I do have quite a few Indian shirts that I can wear to work. If I need to hide my tummy, I have a solution.  As far as side effects, I haven’t felt anything yet.  Sometimes I can feel a dull ache on my belly.  Overall I feel good and normal.  Our first monitoring appointment will be this coming Thursday on July 4th.  I’m very grateful that I don’t have to take time off work this week for that.  Thank you Lord for a dedicated RE who works on a holiday!  I am praying for the follicles to grow evenly and steadily.  I have also booked an acupuncture appointment for Saturday.  Will go next week before retrieval as well as before and after transfer. 

Today I’m thankful for:

  • Teamwork with hubby and his steady hand
  • Not much side effects from the meds yet
  • Me being calm about this so far


On a side note, one of my secret Facebook group friend T just got her first ever BFP after trying for the last 2.5 years.  I believe this is her second IUI.  The neat thing is… all of us who belong to this secret group were involved with her positive pregnancy test real time.  She got some squinters on her internet cheapies (IC) but didn’t have any First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test (FRER).  We urged her to go get some FRERs since this might really be her first ever BFP.  So at 10:30pm, she walked to a neighborhood drugstore, purchased some FRER, while updating us real time on FB.  Finally she posted her two pink lines on the FRER and we all celebrated with her!  It was so neat to witness the first BFP for somebody.  Technology is amazing.  🙂


11 thoughts on “Finished three days of stims

  1. Love to see that you guys are moving ahead, slowly but surely, and that Bob is taking his role very seriously. 🙂 And yes, every girl needs at least one FRER in their cabinet — those are the only pee sticks I trust!


  2. Sounds like you and Bob have a nice rhythm going! And kudos for getting so excited for your friend’s BFP. That should be worth a few good karma points. 😉


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