Cycle Day Two

It has been a great weekend so far.  Bob and I went to the city on Friday night to enjoy a comedy show by one of favorite comedians.  The night started out wonderful as we scored a street parking spot after looking around for only 20 minutes.  This was huge especially in an area known for difficulty finding parking spaces.  We saved ourselves $20!  I literally laughed the whole hour and a half I was there.  There were many racial jokes and cussing but it was still very funny.  It was a wonderful date night despite me knowing that my basal body temperature had dropped big time that morning and AF’s arrival was imminent. 

As predicted, AF arrived on Saturday morning.  I immediately emailed Dr. E and got the instruction to get my CD2 bloodwork done on Sunday.  Bob and I went to I.kea to pick up many household organizing type things.  There were SOOO many pregnant women, babies, and little kids at I.kea.  We purchased curtains for the living room, food containers for grains and legumes, spice jars for the many Indian spices that I use, and drawer mats to line the shelves of our newly remodeled kitchen.  Since we finished with remodeling six months ago, we still hadn’t done a lot of the final touches for the house.  So this is a big step for us to try to organize the house the best way we can.  We also ordered some red metal counter stools online that are due to arrive tomorrow!  Can’t wait til we can sit at the kitchen counter to have our breakfast!

Today, I went bright and early to the hospital lab for my bloodwork.  I got asked by the receptionist and later the phlebotomist about my last name.  Yes I am Chinese.  Yes this is my husband’s last name.  No he is not Thai or Indonesian.  No no kids yet.  Yes I hope our mixed baby will be very cute.  Can I get my blood drawn and get out of here already??? (No I didn’t say this out loud.) 

After church, most of today was spent on chores and organizing the house.  All the different types of lentils and grains have been stored in the containers we purchased.  The spices have been separated into the spice jars.  Bob lined all the shelves and drawers in the kitchen.  Bone marrow soup is being simmered on the stove….. Hmmm… Where is Dr. E’s email? 

If I don’t hear from Dr. E today, do I start my stims or not?? Hmm…. Still waiting…

Other things to update:

  • Bob and I are doing well.  We agree that there are communication issues we need to work on and we will make an appointment with a counselor.  We just don’t know if we should look for any counselor or a Christian counselor in particular. 
  • Both supporting legs of the bed have completely come off.  One of the things we did today was to support the bed by putting a bunch of my graduate school notes (in many heavy-duty binders) and textbooks under the bed frames.  Who would have known that my graduate school education would be so useful in times of needs like this?  (Since Bob adamantly refused to sacrifice HIS graduate school textbooks.)
  • One visit with the chiropractor has eased my shoulder pain by quite a bit.  Will have to go back next Monday for another visit.  By the way, he suggested adjusting my lower back to enhance fertility by increasing energy and blood flow to the pelvic area.  I was like, bring it on!  Anything that helps, right?
  • Doing some calculation…. If we get to egg retrieval and have anything to transfer this cycle, it’ll be right around my birthday…  How about that for a happy birthday?

Well, will let you all know if Dr. E emails me today and whether or not Bob spills any Menopur on the table during mixing.  🙂


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