Broken bed leg, clean teeth, and yummy food

Got my positive OPK on Thursday.  It was a sign to DTD one more time before the golden egg went away.  Bob suggested trying a new position just for fun.  I just went with the flow.  In the middle of all the excitement, our king bed made a loud sound underneath the bed frame and we found ourselves moved at least half a foot to the right side with the bed.  Something clearly broke.  We had to stop our act and investigate.  Bob went down on the floor and checked.  One of the supporting legs under the king bed got shifted and was dangerously crooked.  And worst of all, my dearest hubby discovered the scale that I had been hiding for about one week now since he sometimes obsesses about his weight.  He didn’t think that I would hide it in the most obvious place in the house!  So, with a bed leg broken, scale re-discovered, and the bed making some eerily squeaky noises, we couldn’t finish our BD session.  And we set a new rule: no more experimenting new positions right before O!  (We finished the next morning sacrificing our fitness bootcamp time.  It was well worth it. )

Trying to fix the bed, we had to remove the very heavy king mattress and the two smaller box springs underneath.  Even after we tried to screw it back on, the leg was still loose.  We were hopeful that once we put weight back on it, the leg would be more stable.

fixing bed leg

Oh well….. We don’t know why, but after much effort and 30 minutes, we put the box springs and mattress back on, the leg was still crooked!!!

still crooked

We tried to use a Swiffer handle to push it back in place.  Didn’t work.  Hmmm….. All the effort and we still have a crooked leg!  Have to be very careful when we move in bed….


Did my teeth cleaning yesterday at my dentist.  I have known this guy for about 20 years now.  Good news is, no cavity, my gums are all healthy, and the back molar that I thought I fractured eating lentils a few months ago (yup, chewed on something hard eating lentils!?!?) appears to be alive and well.  I opted not to do the X-ray since I am in my two week wait.  Of course, Mr. Dentist asked, “So, how’s that baby making thing going?” We had a few discussions before about pursuing acupuncture treatments for TTC and the possibility of IVF.  I told him that we were about to begin IVF but the plan got delayed by a cyst.  He nodded with approval and said, yup, it’s a good thing to pursue IVF.  It was a good day for me so I didn’t mind discussing IVF with him.  Some days are better than others.  Going to the dentist serves as some sort of milestones of how long it has been since we started TTC and fail.  Every six months is a reminder of what we still haven’t accomplished.  As I was scheduling an appointment for December 14th this year, I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of state I would be in: pregnant for five months already?  pregnant for three?  Failed two IVFs already?  Have been banking some embryos for future transfers?  I know… live one day at a time.  But still, I can imagine and wonder, right?


After my dental appointment, Bob and I walked around downtown and went to the Apple Store and Windows Store.  We were lusting over a new MacBook Air.  My computer has been a few years old and I don’t carry it around to our usual hangout at a coffee shop because it is so chunky and heavy.  The 13 inch MacBook Air looks yummy and light.  Even if some of the Windows 8 systems look nice and sophisticated, I think I am still going to go with the MacBook Air.  We had a lovely dinner sitting by the window looking out downtown.

My dinner was Dungeness crab and shrimp brioche and French onion soup:

dungeness crab brioche    french onion soup

To finish off a nice dinner, we had my favorite: white chocolate bread pudding with raspberry sauce:

bread pudding

That was quite a nice meal!


Today is 3 DPO.  I will contact Dr. E next week to discuss about the date for our ultrasound.  Fingers crossed that the cyst is gone!


I am thankful for:

  • finding humor in the whole TTC and infertility journey, with my very quirky and fun husband, even with a broken bed leg
  • the yummy dinner that we had last night
  • walking away from my dentist’s office without cavities!

11 thoughts on “Broken bed leg, clean teeth, and yummy food

    • Yup! And guess what? The leg totally came off last night! We’re planning on sticking some textbooks there to see if they’d help balance out the frame. The price we pay for making a baby. 🙂


  1. Hi I found your blog through Lost & Found Connections. Great that you are coping with good humor and lots of good food 🙂 Just wanna send you some encouragement. I know of people with DOR who have succeeded with IVF. DHEA will help with the eggs.


    • Hi Ariel,
      Thanks for stopping by! And yes, finding humor is one of the ways to make this journey a bit more bearable. Thanks for the encouragement. I have been on DHEA for about two months now. We’ll see how that helps. Congrats on your success! And, thanks for making clear that you’re an atheist. I am one of those annoying Christians that prays for people. 😉 (I think there is a lot of room in the blogosphere for different viewpoints so we’re all good here.)


  2. I have done the same thing with the dentist. It is usually me assuming that for sure by my next appointment that I would be pregnant. Then showing up and having to explain that we were *still* trying. That happened for 4 appointments. The good news was, my last appointment, I skipped the x-ray because I finally had a reason to. Here’s to your next hygiene appointment being cavity free and with a little one on board.


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