Hugs and kisses from “my” kids

Life is back to regular programming when fertility treatment is on hold.  It has been a very nice weekend so far.  AF just left not too long ago so it’s about time to get busy with TTC.  However, having my nephew for a sleepover didn’t exactly allow for a quiet romantic evening with my husband that would advance to anything substantiate.  But it’s okay.  Today is CD7 so we’re still early in the game.  After my nephew left, we had a great BD session that was spontaneous and fun.

Speaking of my nephew, I just love this kid.  Although he is already 12 years old, he still has that innocence that I have seen in him since he was a little baby.  He’s very mellow, easy going, smiley, and happy.  It’s always so nice to be around him.  My niece is a teenager now and at times you’ll see teenage attitude but for the most part, she is a lovely girl who also funky and fun to be around.  I call them “my” kids because they are my only niece and nephew.  I only have one brother and my husband is an only child.  So these are the only kids in my family until Bob and I have our own.  My brother’s family and I get together for dinner weekly so I see the kids on a regular basis.  They live five minutes away from me.  They have been “my” kids ever since they were born.  I envision myself having my own kids in the future but I don’t think it changes the fact that they are still “my” kids.  They provide the hugs and kisses that I need especially in this lonely infertility world.  I am so grateful that they are willing to still hug and kiss me as well as letting me hug them and kiss them when they are almost as tall as adults.  They not only embrace my need for intimacy with them in the privacy of our homes but also in public, at church, and in front of their friends.  They don’t show any embarrassment.  With my nephew in our house this weekend, I got many hugs and kisses from him and they warmed my heart.  And they made this weekend extra special.

Today, I give thanks for:

  • hugs and kisses from my nephew
  • fun and non-clinical, spontaneous, and not-trying-to-catch-THE-egg BD session
  • warm afternoon walking around town eating a nice juicy burger for lunch
  • a husband who goes out to get gas for my car while I am blogging 😀

2 thoughts on “Hugs and kisses from “my” kids

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by… just reading through your TTC timeline and recent posts. I always seem to find bloggers at the most exciting part of their journey, right at the start line for IVF 🙂 Can’t wait to see how things progress for you!


    • Thank you! I have been lurking for a long time on many blogs but just didn’t feel right to comment on anything especially when I didn’t have my own blog. Now that I finally started one, I came out. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by too! I am excited to see where this all leads!


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