As Bob and I are approaching the beginning of our first IVF cycle, I feel the need to write down all my feelings and things that I experience.  Hence this blog.  I am trying to focus on and count all the blessings that the Lord has put in our lives.  This is my list today:

  • a great RE who responds to my emails within an hour
  • a great network of online and real life friends who are there to talk to me when I need it
  • a supportive husband who tries his best to soothe his crazy wife
  • enough insurance coverage for our first IVF cycle
  • a decent fertility drug coverage
  • six resting follicles at my baseline appointment last Thursday (rather than zero or two)
  • ability to share with my secret Facebook group friends instantly when I am in emotional crisis so Bob won’t freak out at my craziness
  • a cool RE who cares
  • the Lord who is in absolute control of my life

With these thoughts, hopefully this journey will be bearable and even joyous at times as we are one step closer to meeting our future binky moongee.


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